TDC is a leading provider of communication solutions in the Nordic countries. With TDC Wholesale you only need one provider and one agreement to access the entire world, although the Nordic countries is our stronghold.


One-stop-shop” is a concept, which makes it easy for you as a customer to do business with us. It is all about one supplier, one contact person and a team of specialists to support you. Through one contact you get access to the entire Nordic region, a wide product range and a variety of services.

Best Coverage in the Nordic Region

At TDC wholesale we are organized to offer you the best Nordic service. We are organized in   teams to cater for the different needs you have through the lifetime of a service – from initial quote to the invoice. The account manager is your primary contact but will be extensively backed to support you in the best way possible.

Through partnership agreements and extended footprint, TDC is also covering:

  • The Baltic countries, Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania
  • The major North Atlantic islands, Iceland, Greenland & Faroe Islands

According to your needs

At TDC wholesale we are organized to offer you the best Nordic service. We are organized in   teams to cater for the different needs you have through the lifetime of a service – from initial quote to the invoice. The account manager is your primary contact but will be extensively backed to support you in the best way possible.


TDC Nordic IP VPN is our layer 3 service delivered across our pan-nordic MPLS-network, which is built to meet the standards of TDC’s customers, including many of the largest logos in the region, as well as multinational corporations. TDC also has a strong position towards the public sector, meaning that services critical to society are transported in our network every hour, every day. The network is very robust and consistently performs at 99,999% availability on a monthly basis.

Features TDC Nordic IP VPN

  • Efficient all-to-all communication via private virtual MPLS network
  • Access to the best pan Nordic backbone network.
  • Single Point of Contact to the Nordics for quote, order, delivery and fault handling.
  • Competitive SLA parameters.
  • Built-in redundancy in the backbone.
  • Wide range of access types on both xDSL and fibre.
  • Different management scenarios (CPE); Fully managed; Hardware managed; Unbundled
  • 3G/4G wireless back-up
  • QoS mapping on interconnect

TDC Nordic Ethernet VPN

Ethernet VPN is a switch based layer 2 capacity service enabling you to design and build your own fast and secure network. Ethernet VPN is delivered on TDC’s Nordic MPLS modern and powerful backbone network, which is consistently performing at 99.999% monthly availability. The Ethernet VPN service is normally delivered over one or more NNIs established between your and TDC’s network.

Features TDC Nordic IP VPN

Features TDC Nordic Ethernet VPN

  • Bandwidths from 2 Mbit/s up to 10 Gbit/s
  • Choice of access type in ranges of xDSL to Fiber
  • One or multiple VLANs between customer locations
  • Fully Managed and Unbundled CPE management options available
  • Point-to-point, EPL Ethernet Private Line (Metro Ethernet Forum definition)
  • Point-to-multipoint, EVPL Ethernet Virtual Private Line, (Metro Ethernet Forum definition)
  • Multipoint-to-multipoint, EVP-LAN Ethernet Virtual Private LAN, (Metro Ethernet Forum definition)
  • NNIs available in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London, Paris to mention some

Features TDC Nordic Ethernet VPN

Network Capacity Services

Dedicated point-to-point connections, delivered across TDC’s pan Nordic network, which also extends to the UK and continental Europe. Built on modern technology, with a common platform across the network, offering services from 2Mbit/s – 100 Gbit/s. Subject to availability and upon request, TDC can also offer dark fibre in its network.

Features Network Capacity Services

  • Point-to-point circuits; DWDM and CWDM; SDH and EoSDH
  • Single, dual and protected services; single link – 99,6% availability SLA; dual/protected link – 99,99% availability SLA
  • Supports 1G, 10G , 40G, 100G Ethernet interfaces.
  • Supports both LAN-PHY and WAN-PHY
  • Supports STM-16, STM-64 and STM-256 SDH interfaces
  • 24/7 monitoring, fault handling and maintenance
  • Granular network in the Nordic countries, with PoPs in most cities
  • PoPs in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Hamburg, Paris, Brussels

Network Capacity Services

Nordic Internet Access

TDC Nordic Internet Access is a potent and reliable internet service, aimed for customers with high demands on availability. TDC Nordic Internet Access is delivered on TDC’s Nordic MPLS modern and powerful backbone network, which is consistently performing at 99.999% monthly availability.

Features Nordic Internet Access

  • Dedicated Internet Access all over the Nordic region
  • Access based on xDSL, leased lines or fibre 
  • One single IP backbone across the Nordics
  • Presence in all major Internet Exchanges points in the Nordic region, Western Europe and US West Coast areas.
  • Different flavours of redundancy is offered
  • Capacities from 2 Mbps to 10 Gbps 
  • Includes CPE that allows surveillance
  • SNMP read access
  • Common Nordic SLA.

IP Transit

As peering partner, TDC Wholesale offers you access to several IP networks, completely based on your requirements. TDC can meet you in all major internet exchanges points in the Nordic Region and Western Europe.

Features IP Transit

  • One provider and one agreement – and you have access to the whole world
  • Direct access to all TDC customers in the Nordic region
  • One single IP backbone across the Nordics

National ADSL services

In Sweden, TDC operates an ADSL-platform, over which nation-wide coverage can be offered. Services are offered with bandwidth up to 28 Mbit/s downstream. In areas where TDC does not have own network capability, we offer coverage through partners.

TDC Wholesale offers a range of voice services aimed at operators and service providers. We have extensive experience in the voice area and offer full national coverage as well as connectivity to all national mobile networks. Naturally, we can also offer international termination at premium quality. Many of the leading alternative voice providers in Sweden have chosen TDC as their supplier of access to the PSTN.

TDC Carrier SIP interconnect

Our SIP interconnect service over the internet, which provides customers with a stable access to the PSTN and a full set of features to provide full national services. As an add-on, the SIP interconnect can also be produced over a VPN-connection, providing enhanced stability and security.

National and international termination

As our wholesale customer, you benefit from TDC’s stable and resilient network paired with our competitive rates on national and international termination.

Premium rate services, directory services and mass calling (Televoting)

Use TDC to provide a fully-fledged voice service to your customers. We can set up access to premium rate services, directory services and mass calling services.

TDC Wholesale VoIP

To service providers, who wish to have a complete white label VoIP-service, we offer TDC Wholesale VoIP. You are responsible for sales, customer service, invoicing and the equipment at the customer’s (ATA, softphone etc), whereas the complete service is delivered by TDC. The service is delivered over the Internet and does not require any investments in switches or other hardware. A number of add-ons are offered, such as auto-config of ATA-boxes and rating of CDRs.

TDC Prefix Hosting

TDC Prefix Hosting is a service aimed at companies, which are reselling PSTN services to its own customer base, without the need to invest in own production platforms, technical staff etc. TDC has the full responsibility for producing the service, once you prefix (Carrier preselect code) is implemented in our network. The service is produced on TDCs extremely robust production platforms.


Customers who are using TDC Prefix hosting can utilize TDC’s TAB (subscription service) agreement with incumbent operator Telia, and thereby obtain a cost-effective solution through one single supplier. TAB in combination with Prefix Hosting gives the service provider the possibility to assume a total responsibility for the end-customer’s PSTN service, with both traffic and subscription charges through one contact and one contract.

Other services

On top of the basic products, TDC can of course also provide other services, some of which are listed below. For your and our safety, TDC also offer an add-on service (until further notice free of charge) to detect and alarm if and when possible fraudulent traffic appears to be generated, primarily over VoIP-services.


Access number services

  • Toll free numbers
  • Local Access numbers
  • Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland

International termination

  • CLI transparency and ISUP v2 to most European destinations
  • Support for 64 kbit/s unrestricted (ISDN) on selected destinations
  • Real time surveillance of ASR-levels 24/7
  • Same quality as for TDC’s own retail customers

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